Items For Sale in the Museum


GRANTCHESTER GUIDE Pitkin Guide with text and some photography by local person, Christine Jennings. A lovely keepsake of Grantchester. £3.00

OLD GRANTCHESTER A Sketch-book by E.N. Willmer. Many excellent sketches of the cottages and houses in Grantchester. £5.00

RIVER CAM by E.N. Willmer Excellent illustrations of the main features of the river valley and its history. £5.00

RUPERT BROOKE AND THE OLD VICARAGE, GRANTCHESTER by Mary Archer. The aim of this splendid little book is to sketch the history of the house, to give an impression of Brooke and the circumstances in which he wrote the poem, and to relate the poem to the house, the river and the village. £5.95

THE IRREGULAR VERSES by Peter Miller. For those who don’t it will form an introduction to this fascinating character. £6.95

CAMBRIDGE KEEPSAKE Andrew Pearce, Photography and text, Debi Pearce A beautiful book to tour the colleges of Cambridge with. £13.00

ROSES & RAIN signed by Heather Walker. A biography of James Elroy Flecker. Comprehensive exploration of the life and work of this fine poet, playwright and novelist. £16.99

BLOOMSBURY & BRITISH THEATRE The Marlow Story by Tim Cribb.£14.99

CAMBRIDGE THE BACKS OF THE COLLEGES An illustrated tour of The Backs. Finely detailed with notes on the history and architecture of the riverside Colleges. A neat pocket guide and a perfect souvenir. Includes Punting Lesson! Written and illustrated by Jeremy Bays. £2.00

Other Products

FRAMED PRINT, THE ORCHARD by Kathie J Lewis, Local Artist. £50.00

MOUNTED PRINT, THE ORCHARD from a collection of over 150 paintings of Cambridge. Limited Edition. £30.00

RUPERT BROOKE COMMEMORATIVE BRONZE PORTRAIT PLAQUE edition limited to 350 copies, numbered. £88.00

The museum houses photographs and text of a brief biography on Rupert Brooke. There are also some artifacts, copies of letters, programmes and books on display.